Brain Cancer Treatment

Brain cancer is a commonly-seen malignant tumor. Its morbidity and mortality is increasing year by year. To ensure good health, periodical physical examinations are required. Do not be caught up in panic once has been suffering from brain cancer, instead, active cooperation with doctors’ treatment is recommended to achieve effective control on brain cancer. Experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou would like to introduce the following treatment methods for brain cancer:

Brain Tumor Treatment

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What Are the Traditional Treatments for Brain Cancer?

1、Chemotherapy is a commonly-used method for all kinds of cancers, and brain cancer is not an exception. By now chemotherapy has achieved a great improvement in treating brain cancer, but due to special construction of blood-brain barrier, chemotherapy has been confined by many factors. Any drugs of chemotherapy can penetrate endangium cells due to liposolubility, and then enter and work on cancer cells. Such mode has influenced the speed and efficiency of drugs action.

2、Radiotherapy applies radioactive rays, γ-rays or high velocity neutron ray to treat cancer cells. Radiotherapy mainly adopts the characteristics that cancer cells are extreme sensitive to radioactive rays and can be easily damaged by these rays to perform treatments. The scale of radiation scope and dosage shall be defined as per tumor cancer pathologic diagnosis, differentiation degree and results of imageology examinations. For the in-depth brain tumor that cannot be safely cut, radiotherapy can be applied; however, the process of radiotherapy may cause relatively big toxic reaction or side effect.

3、Surgery is a direct method for treating brain cancer. For primary brain cancer, surgery can be applied to cut the tumor to maximally eliminate cancer cell thoroughly and avoid cellular proliferation after surgery to further prevent brain cancer recurrence. Such treatment is commonly used while the potential of recurrence after surgery is relatively high.

Minimally Invasive Therapy for Brain Cancer

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has introduced advanced cancer treatment facilities that feature many characteristics like minimally invasive, pain-free, quick recovery and so on. Tumor experts shall work out a series customized and suitable treatment plans for the brain cancer patients as per their different condition, symptoms through the way of expert team’s consultation.

Brain cancer experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou are able to combine interventional therapy, Ar-He knife, TCM, radioactive particle, bio-immunotherapy and photodynamic knife with minimally invasive technologies together to treat brain cancer. This can not only avoid the shortcomings like poor therapeutic effect and big side effect that traditional therapies own, but also improve the therapeutic effects and living quality of brain cancer patients.

Cancer experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind: brain cancer is one of commonly-seen malignant tumors, once discover the presence of brain cancer, go to standardized hospital for timely treatment.

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