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Experts Answer Your Questions about Lung Cancer with a Wide Range of Information

  Data shows that each year, there are 700 million people in the world would be killed by cancers, and among which, lung cancer occupies the prime location. About lung cancer, most people do not know it very much, but just have an idea that smoking causes lung cancer and the majority of lung cancer patients are male. But these are just plain information, and Director. Cao of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou would like to give a detailed introduction about lung cancer from the prevention, nursing to dietary, so people may know how to stay far away from lung cancer.

Lung Cancer

  More than 80% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking?

  Director Cao says: more than 80% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking. If you are a lifelong smoker, the probability of suffering lung cancer is about 15%, that is, there will be one person among every 6-7 smokers gets lung cancer, so it is really a high-risky disease with a very frightening proportion. Factors causing lung cancer are not only limited to smoking, as air pollution, stress, family factors may also be the causes of lung cancer.

  What should be done when discover patients have already been in a feared status of mind?

  Director Cao says: Many lung cancer patients or family members would fear the disease once they discover the existence of lung cancer. This situation is understandable; however, the fear is certainly useless for treatment, sometimes even harmful to it.

  Psychologically speaking from patients’ respect, we must first get rid of the frightened psychological status, but to correctly treat the disease. In addition, in terms of the family members of patients, doctors shall try not to conceal the truths about patients’ condition, but now it also advocates letting patients know their own condition, of course, it is needless to tell them in details but just let them know what the disease that they are suffering are. With the improvement of people’s cultural level, the majority of patients can accept this disease and actively cooperate with treatment, so if they don’t know the disease, some patients may be unwilling to cooperate with treatment, leading to delays in treatment.

  "30% on Treatment, the other 70% on Nursing Care”, is nursing care really so important?

  Director Cao: lung cancer treatment is not just treatment techniques, but also includes body care, psychological care, family care, etc. After treatment, later nursing care treatment occupies an important position and also plays a role in promoting therapeutic effect. After lung cancer treatment, the patient's body is relatively weak with weak immune system, if without good physical care, it will lead to wound infection, and even other complications which would aggravate the progression of the disease. Psychological care is vital, and can be well managed through self-encouragement, self-regulation and support from their families to remain optimistic and positive attitude and establish firmly anticancer beliefs.

  Lastly, Director Cao of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou reminds: people should be aware of the necessity of receiving annual physical checks, and twice for the elders each year, so as to timely detect diseases in case there is any. Developing good habits, eating less fried food, doing sports like exercising vital capacity, all these should start from the details of daily life and can prevent the occurrence of cancer.z

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