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Optimism is the best weapon to fight against breast cancer*

Entering the ward, we saw a woman in a blue hat chatting with her friends with amiable smile on her face. Were not that hat, we wouldn’t have been able to recognize her as a breast cancer patient, for there was not any pain or sorrow in her face. Even though she has gone through torture of radiotherapy, loss of her long hair, loss of her right breast after operation, she just smiled away all these painfulness. Her amiable eyes expressed her most inner firmness.

Breast cancer detection

This strong-willed woman is Ang Lili, aged 52, from Indonesia. In May 2013, Ang Lili felt a lump in her breast and then went to hospital for examination, after which she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3. Worrying about her, her younger brother dare not tell her the truth but just told her that it was nothing serious and told her to be happy every day.

On the other hand, her brother traveled around to seek for the best cancer treatment and most satisfying hospital for her. Advertisements of cancer hospitals were everywhere and overwhelming, but he couldn’t just carelessly beg his sister’s life on those advertisements. Occasionally, he learned that one of his friend also was diagnosed with breast cancer and had got very good treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in China. With his friend’s experience, he decisively chose this hospital. He quietly arranged everything for his sister, including booking air ticket, applying for visa, contacting the hospital, etc., and told her sister she was going to China for a small operation. Deeply trusting her brother, Ang Lili didn’t suspect anything.

 cancer, breast cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Ang Lili and the medical staffs

Interventional therapy and resection operation

Ang Lili said:”although cancer was growing in my body, I didn’t feel anything. I ate normally, slept normally. Most importantly, I did not have any psychological stress, because I knew nothing about it. I am very grateful for what my brother has done for me.” In July 2013, when she came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, the cancer has been larger than 10 cm. She chose operation for she thought it was the best method to control cancer. She said:”because the tumor was very big, doctor gave me interventional therapy at first, after which my tumor obviously shrunk.” Her attending doctor Dr. Hu Ying introduced that interventional therapy is an international advanced technology. So far, it has been widely used in cancer treatment. This technology can infuse drugs to cancer directly with 2-8 times higher concentration than conventional chemotherapy, thus, it can precisely kill cancer cells and do not cause obvious side effect.

“September 2013, I had a resection. Although I lost my right breast, but the operation was very successful, and the postoperative recovery is also very good." Ang Lili told us with smile on her face, “Although I knew it was cancer at last, but still, I was not scared at all, because after surgery, my body status was always good, and nothing uncomfortable was felt. I am very grateful for my family and also very appreciate the help of the medical staffs of this hospital. This is a caring hospital and we have made the right choice coming to this hospital.” Ang Lili has never been married or bearing a child, but she is optimistic and strong-willed. She believes that, as long as we bravely face our own illness, we will eventually encounter a better tomorrow.

 cancer, breast cancer, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Dr. Hu Ying was checking up Ang Lili

*Surgery, in addition to the appropriate chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating early cancer, but certain patients in late stage of cancer may not be tolerate surgery well as they can be relatively weak. A combination of carefully planned minimally invasive therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can effectively reduce the side effects and discomfort of treatment and may help patient get better efficacy.

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