Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Colorectal cancer seriously threats people's health, therefore, once diagnosed with it, patients should timely undergo treatment, but treatment methods for colorectal cancer are various, thus how the patients with colorectal cancer should choose the most suitable one? In the following Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou will introduce you the colorectal cancer treatment.

Colorectal cancer Treatment

Traditional Treatment for Colorectal Cancer

1. Surgery: surgery is commonly used in colorectal cancer treatment and generally early colorectal cancer more takes this way to remove cancer, including: radical resection, local resection, palliative tumor resection, intestinal segment resection and combined resection of the involved organs, however, after surgery performed, it is easy to remain cancer cells causing recurrence.

2. Radiotherapy: it is usually used as a kind of adjuvant method, which can reduce the risk of its recurrence.

3. Chemotherapy: after surgery, it is used to treat the postoperative residual lesions, avoiding the spread and reoccurrence of cancer cells, but chemotherapy will have some side effects.

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Colorectal Cancer

1. Biological immunotherapy: it has advantages such as do not hurt body, painless and do not need to be hospitalization, etc, and it can reduce the toxic and side effects brought by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, at the same time, it can improve the immunity of patients with colorectal cancer and their quality of life, besides, it is applicable to all the tumors.

2. TCM therapy: traditional Chinese medicine can relieve symptoms, improve patient's immunity, reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and can effectively improve the treatment effect of colorectal cancer.

3. Gene targeted therapy: gene targeted therapy designs the corresponding treatments in accordance with tumor specificity, which means drugs will automatically select the carcinogenic sites when enter patients’ body and combine with the sites to have reaction, resulting in specific death of tumor cells but it will not affect normal tissues around tumor. Compared with traditional therapies, gene targeted therapy owns better accuracy and effects as well as better safety.

Cancer experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind: treatment methods for colorectal cancer are various, but treatment can be only given on the basis of patient’s own condition and symptoms, so as to effectively control and treat colorectal cancer.

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