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Treating lung cancer in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

In Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, we provide lung cancer patients with 18 advanced anticancer technologies and high-quality services, and we will try our best to help them improve their living quality, relieve their pain and prolong their survival time. The MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou will tailor therapeutic plan for lung cancer patients. Combining minimally invasive therapies with historic traditional Chinese medicine, lung cancer patients can avoid suffering traditional operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Meanwhile, experts will monitor the whole treatment, and adjust timely to improve the efficacy.

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Lung Cancer Survivor shares her anticancer experiences

“Thanks Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for giving me a second life.”

Lung cancer,interventional therapy,cryotherapy,biological immunotherapy

NGHIEM THI THU, *Lung Cancer

NGHIEM THI THU was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014. Her condition did not turn better after taking one session of chemotherapy in Vietnam. She still suffered from severe cough and dyspnea. Later, she noticed that her lung cancer neighborhood is able to work normally after taking cancer treatment in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Therefore, she decided to take cancer treatment in China. After taking comprehensive treatment based on interventional therapy, both her tumor and discomforts disappeared. NGHIEM THI THU now lives a normal life.Continue reading:

Torturous Traditional Treatments for Lung Cancer

Operation: Big Trauma and Risk

Surgical resection is the traditional treatment for lung cancer. Only with a 30 to 40 cm big incision, can the tumor be removed, sometimes it even need to remove one or two ribs. Therefore, surgical resection is of great risks, it causes big damage and lots of side effects to human body. Some lung cancer patients even lost their life because of the surgery. According to statistics from America, about 10.7% lung cancer patients died in 30 days after removing one  side of the lung.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy: unbearable toxic side effects

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy damage the immune system in that it kills not only cancer cells but also normal cells. Patients may suffer from severe side effects, like decline in leukocytes and blood platelet, frequent urination, hair losing, vomiting and etc, or even face with the threat of death in that their immunity is so low that cannot fight against cancer and other diseases.

Fight against Lung Cancer Easily with New Technology

Minimally Invasive Therapy: 2-3 millimeter incision, few side effects, little pain

In recent years, with the continuous development of minimally invasive therapy, more and more lung cancer patients see hope of life from minimally invasive therapies, such as interventional therapy, cryotherapy. Compared with traditional treatments, minimally invasive therapy has gained good reputation and trust from numerous lung cancer patients due to its advantages of small trauma, few toxic side effects and good efficacy. So far, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has successfully helped numerous lung cancer patients prolong their life, relieve their pain and improve their living quality via performing minimally invasive therapies.

Minimally Invasive Therapy for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer,interventional therapy,cryotherapy,biological immunotherapy

Interventional therapy

Interventional therapy: with a 1-2mm incision, precisely kills lung cancer cells

The advantages of interventional therapy: significant effect and reaches the double effect of starving lung cancer cells to death and killing lung cancer cells; local application, few toxic side effects and complications; small trauma and invasion.

Lung cancer,interventional therapy,cryotherapy,biological immunotherapy


Cryotherapy: small trauma, less complications, prevent recurrence of tumor

Taking cryotherapy, patients no need to undergo surgery but can get better efficacy. Cryotherapy not only reduces the risk and complications and monitors the whole process and results, but also has the advantages of no restriction of anesthesia, toxic side effects of chemotherapy. Cryotherapy now has been used in many cases, saved numerous patients and gained good efficacy.

The advantages of cryotherapy: reduce the risk of the spread of cancer cells; less bleeding, quick recovery; locally remove tumor tissue, stimulate body’s immunity, prevent the recurrence of lung cancer; less invasion and damage to the normal lung tissue.

Lung cancer,interventional therapy,cryotherapy,biological immunotherapy

Biological Immunotherapy

Biological Immunotherapy: improve human immunity, prolong survival time.

There is no rejection reaction occurs in that the immune cells are extracted from the patient, so it is safe and with no side effects. Therefore, it is suitable for lung cancer patients to take it.

The advantages of biological immunotherapy: improve immunity; prevent the invasion of virus and bacteria; lower the risk of metastasis and recurrence; safe; no side effects

Lung cancer,interventional therapy,cryotherapy,biological immunotherapy,combination of TCM & western medicine

Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine

Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine: improve efficacy, reduce side effects

The advantages of the combination of TCM & western medicine: improve efficacy, reduce side effects; few complications, quick recovery; for patients with middle or advanced lung cancer, it inhibits the growth of lung cancer, prolongs patients survival time, and even allows patients to live a long life without removing the tumor.

Lung cancer,interventional therapy,cryotherapy,biological immunotherapy

Particle Implantation

Particle Implantation: particles are directly implanted into the tumor to kill cancer cells

The Advantages of particle implantation: particles only take effect inside the tumor, so it will not bring harm to other normal tissues; 180 days’ sustained radiation kills cancer cells precisely; small trauma and quick recovery; few side effects and complications.

More new technologies for lung cancer

We can offer help if you want to find out suitable treatments. Online appointment or telephone appointment: +63-2-8221222(Landline), +63 915-4642818(Globe), +63 922-8083333(Sun). Contact us now.

Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) provides lung cancer patients with high-quality service

combination of TCM & western medicine,MDT

For lung cancer treatment, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou sets up a multidisciplinary team to break the traditional model of making diagnosis by one doctor, so as to gather all the doctors to gconduct a joint consultation and make sure that lung cancer patients get a comprehensive, suitable and scientific therapeutic plan. The MDT monitors the whole process and adjusts in time to improve the efficacy. In Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, all the members work hard and try their best to provide lung cancer patients with high-quality medical services.

Five advantages of treating lung cancer in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

In Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, we can offer you with 18 advanced anticancer therapies and high-quality medical services. Meanwhile, we set up a multidisciplinary team (MDT) to help lung cancer patients relieve their suffering and other adverse reactions. We will improve their living quality and help them get better efficacy.

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