Stomach Cancer

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What is stomach cancer?

Stomach cancer refers to cancer happened in stomach, which originates from epithelium mucosa cells on top layer of stomach wall. It can happen in any parts of the stomach (the most common is on sinus ventriculi pylorus area, followed by fundus cardia area, least on body of stomach) and invade stomach wall of different depth or different width.

How high is the incidence of stomach cancer?

The annual incidence of stomach cancer is about 0.000176. There are high incidence rates in Japan and Denmark, while America and Australia are relatively low in incidence rate. Meanwhile, the incidence rate of male is higher than that of female, and it is about 3:1; the peak age for incidence is among 50-60.

What are the common causes of stomach cancer?

Environment factor: incidences of different countries or areas are obviously different;

Diet factor: long term intake of moldy and rot food, brined vegetable or pickling fish or meat, overtaken salt shall increase the risk of stomach cancer;

Inherent factor: epidemiologic investigation found that stomach cancer has the tendency of family-centralizing;

Immunity factor: people with lower immunity shall have higher risk of stomach cancer.

What are symptoms of stomach cancer?

How to conduct stomach cancer diagnosis?

What are the treatments for stomach cancer?

What are the dietary principles after surgery?

Eat less while multiple times for meal;Intake food that is rich in protein and can be easily digested, like rice water, egg soup, jardinière soup, milk, albumen powder, etc.;

Eat less sweets or fats;Prohibit too cold or hot or spicy and stimulative food or seasoning, and stimulative drinking like wine or tea; Prevent anemia and properly intake some lean meat, fish, shrimp, Chinese jujube and so on; When eating food that is relatively coarse and hard to digest, chew it and swallow it carefully and slowly.

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