Understand cancer to find new hope!

October 27, 2012, "Philippine 2012 Health Journey" continuing its success from ILOILO, now on its way to carry on the forum at next station, CEBU.
Program: Forum and Interaction
Contents: Cancer and Medical Knowledge, introducing current international advance anti-cancer technology.
Participants: Chief Specialist of Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital, CEBU Health Committee, CEBU medical profession, CEBU consulting patients and citizens (voluntary participation)
  • The forum is free of charge,
    interested parties are requested to arrive early and
    join us.
    Adress:146 Gorordo Avenue, Corner Rosal Street, Lahug, Cebu City
    Address: Unit A-1102,6780 Jaka Building Ayala Avenue,Makati City,Metro Manila.
    Hotline: 02-8221222(Landline), 0915-4642818(Globe), 0922-8083333(Sun)
    Website: http://www.asiancancer.com/
  • Peng Xiaochi
    Director of Department of Oncology
    Chief Physician

    With a Master Degree from Sun Yat-Sat Medical College

    With a Master Degree from Canada

    Specialties: Minimally invasive therapy and multi-disciplinary therapy
    With a wealth of expeirence in research on and clincal practice of tumor treat-
    ment, especially expert at chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, molecular target
    therapy for various malignant tumors. He is an advocate for minimally invasive
    therapy and multi-disciplinary therapy for tumor in China.
  • Contents of the forum:

    Cancer is one of the diseases being combated internationally. Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital in China possess the most advanced 12 major treatment against cancer and also have the most experienced and authoritative multi-disciplinary experts as team. Oncology expert Professor Peng XiaoChi will be introducing the principle behind the treatments against cancer along with their uses, such as Minimally Invasive Embolization, Particle seed implantation, Ar-He Knife Cryotherapy, Photodynamic, and Bio-immunotherapy, during his medical forum lecture. At Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital in China, there are already several Filipino cancer patients that have been treated. Professor Peng XiaoChi will share with us some of these exciting stories on how to obtain hope, and also answers to the problem regarding on how to seek help from Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital.

    About “2012 Pilippines Health Forum——ILOILO Station

    On August 29, 2012 cancer health forum of Philippines launched at ILOILO CITY. Dr. Peng Xiaochi, chief of oncology department from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and Mr. He Langbing manager of Manila office of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou were invited as the guests to attend the launching ceremony. Dr. Peng Xiaochi delivered a medical lecture on Cancer technologies of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and was interviewed by mainstream media of Philippines, interpreting views on cancer health issues and medical development of cancer.

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