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How to Stay Away from Prostate Cancer?

  Prostate cancer is a kind of cancer about sex and it has become one of the most common malignancies in male reproductive system. Specialists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou figure out that having prostate diseases is not a problem, the real problem is when those diseases develop to prostate cancer. Then what should men do to stay away from prostate cancer? Specialist would explain to you in details below.

  Rational diets

  Related medical researches done by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou indicated that the occurrence of prostate cancer has a close relation to dietary pattern.

  High fat diet is accepted as a risk factor of prostate cancer and people from the districts where drinking water contains rich calcium got higher incidence of prostate cancer besides.

  If men want to keep away from prostate disease, he can have the food rich in the plant estrogen against cancer, such as soybean, grain, green tea and so on.

  Regular living rhythm can postpone senility

  Healthy and active life style is important to men, since prostate cancer mostly occur in men that are in old age. In order to decrease the incidence of prostate cancer, males should take rational diets, have proper physical exercises, stay away from cigarette and alcohol, keep mental balance to build up health and postpone senility.

  Stop smoking

  Cigarette is another risk factor of prostate cancer that males should stop smoking to reduce the harm from smoking. Obviously, stop smoking is another way to prevent from prostate cancer.

  Have sanitary sex

  The increasing risk of prostate cancer is related to sexual-transmitted diseases, especially the diseases like gonorrhea and verruca acuminate. Currently the pathogenesy of prostate cancer is unknown, but it is thought to be relevant to unbalance of sex hormone. And recent studies also revealed that some inflammation is concerned too.

  Above is the prevention of prostate cancer that men should note in their daily life. Once any suspected symptoms of prostate cancer occur, one should go to regular hospital for examination and treatment to avoid further development of diseases that may lead to other complications.

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