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Non-Surgical Treatment Also Makes Huge Tumor Smaller*

  Due to negligence, advanced cancer was detected when went to hospital for diagnosis

  My life was not exciting, but I still felt happy for I have marital harmony, filial sons and daughters and healthy parents. However, this happiness has changed from that day in September 2011: the weather was a bit dry and I was suffering from right tinnitus accompanied with epistaxis. However, I thought it was just due to weather as I was just 50 years old and always had good health status. It was also because of the negligence, and after three months later, a small mass in the right neck was detected; even at that time, I still did not take any measures.

  Perhaps it was because my indulgence made the devil grow more recklessly. Just for four months, the right side small mass has increased from 1 * 2cm to 3 * 5cm, and an approximately 2 * 2cm mass has also been found on the left side; nose bleeding occurred more frequently. At this point, an ominous bodement spread around the whole body and I could no longer feel any ease.

  Accompanied by my wife, I went to a local hospital for CT and nasopharyngoscopy pathological examination, and later the doctor also verified my suspect- nasopharyngeal cancer. Subsequently, the doctor advised me to receive chemotherapy treatment as soon as possible, but I refused. Refusing chemotherapy does not mean to give up treatment; I was just hoping to find better treatments. Therefore, I went to Malaysia, hoping to get good treatment. Herbal treatment options given by Malaysian doctors has also failed to alleviate my condition, besides epistaxis, nasal congestion and sore throat, neck tumors became larger and larger, which even produced much difficulties in eating and sleep. All these sufferings have really tortured me to the utmost and I was so skiny at that time.

  One day, a friend came to visit me, and when seeing my painful way, he became so sympathetic that he told me he knew a Chinese cancer hospital - Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has very good therapeutic effect on cancer diseases and fine public reputation and suggested me to go try it. But I still declined my friend for I didn’t know that place and also didn’t trust them.

  From acknowledge to trusting

  Looking my emaciated body and volleyball-like tumor, my friend became more worried, in order to convince me, he even found a patient who had been treated in this hospital to come together to persuade me. It was just because the mettlesome cancer patient and my friend’s earnest eyes that changed my impression of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

  On October 25, 2012, I started the medical-seeking journey in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou China, and it was Dr. Ma Xiaoying accepted me. I was really impressed by her carefulness and profession as she would inquire every detail about my condition, symptoms, and lifestyle, and also present me reasonable suggestions. After overall checking up, directors from each department entered into my ward to discuss the final treatment program: interventional therapy, radioactive particle implantation, green chemotherapy. Dr Ma knew that I didn’t know these therapies, so she made a detailed introduction for me. She said interventional therapy and radioactive particle implantation are the latest technology for the treatment of cancer; compared to previous chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the two technologies have better therapeutic effect and fewer side effects; interventional treatment is one of the techniques of minimally invasive treatment, which is directly through arterial infusion to deliver chemotherapy drugs to the tumor site, so this can ensure efficient therapeutic effect and greatly reduce adverse reactions; radioactive particle implantation is like local radiotherapy in close distance, which would impose great effect to the tumors of similar sizes like mine.

  Tumor shrinked without surgery

  After a week of treatment, the magic happened. My nose bleeding stopped and when touched the tumor in the neck, it seemed not grow any longer. This has also stabilized my wife and me. During the following days, doctors and nurses took care of me in every possible way. Coupled with outgoing activities organized by the hospital, I met a lot of patient friends and which also made my medical-seeking journey more colorful.

  This is the third time I come to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. At the moment, I am filled with excitement and gratitude, because after this review, the doctor told that my neck tumor has shrunk by 60%, and all of the cancer lesions also have lost activity. Now, people would no longer feel frightened by the swelling neck when they see me.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, nasopharyngeal cancer treatment

Photo of Subri Mathan and medical staff after treatment

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, nasopharyngeal cancer treatment

Joint photo of Director Bai Haishan, Subri Mathan and Dr. Ma Xiaoyin

*Surgery, in addition to the appropriate chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating early cancer, but certain patients in late stage of cancer may not be tolerate surgery well as they can be relatively weak. A combination of carefully planned minimally invasive therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can effectively reduce the side effects and discomfort of treatment and may help patient get better efficacy.

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