To Live Is to Give My Wife and Children Better Future!*

My name is LY SEN, 48 years old, a special police in Ratanakiri province, Cambodia. I lived a simple but happy life with a cozy home. However, one day in 2006, my quiet life was broken. That day, I felt great pain in my left upper quadrant and medication couldn’t alleviate the pain, which lasted for two days. In order to clarify the cause, I came to a hospital in Vietnam for treatment from Cambodia. When doctor told me that I had liver cancer, I was so scared. I was worried about that how my wife and children would be like without me. During that time, my wife was always in tears. She was afraid that I would die, leaving them alone. Therefore, I made a determination that I would hold on to follow the treatment plan. In this way, I hoped that I could accompany them longer.    


Taking medicine on time and having regular injections have going on for two years. And doctors suggested that I should receive interventional therapy. Though I received seven times of interventional therapy, the therapeutic effect was not good. In December, 2012, I decided to accept surgery resection. After surgery, I recovered well; therefore, my family and I thought cancer would not come to me any more. However, after half a year, the tumor came to me again and the situation was very bad. Therefore, my family and I tried our best to find better hospital and better treatment. For that, I came to the hospitals in Thailand, South Korea, but I found their treatment methods for cancer were also traditional.

By chance, I knew Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou on TV and searched more information about it. To my surprise, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou offers many new technologies, such as particle therapy, cryotherapy, natural therapy and so on, which brings new hope for me. Later, I came to Phnom Penh office to know more. After the consultation, when I talked with my family, some of them didn’t support me to receive treatment in foreign country, because they thought that cancer was incurable and the treatment would cost a lot. But my wife firmly said to me, “We can’t miss any chance. Don’t worry, I and our children will always be with you.” With the encouragement and support of them, I went to Modern Hospital Guangzhou with a mindset of trying.

Before I came to China for treatment, I worried about the language barrier and I was not accustomed to the diet, which might cause a bad influence on my treatment. However, when I came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, doctors, nurses and interpreters offered me thoughtful service, which eliminated my concern. From then on, I have known that I just need to follow doctors’ advice and accept treatment.

I have been treated in Vietnam, and I have been to Thailand and South Korea for check-ups. But I think the technologies in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou are more professional and cause less trauma and less complications. For example, every time when I finished interventional therapy in Vietnam, I would feel uncomfortable and my body would be stiff. However, in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, when I finished interventional therapy, I felt the side effect was so little. What most pleases me is that my tumor has significantly shrunk after three times of interventional therapy and cryotherapy.

CT scan

As we all know, cancer brings great physical and mental pain for patients. For the past seven years, when I felt painful, my wife and my children would give me encouragement and support, which seemed like a medicine injected into my body. They reduced my pain and gave me the strength to fight against cancer. I didn’t realize the importance of health until I got cancer. Therefore, I want to caution that all of us should take regular check-up, so as not to delay treatment. Illness not only brings pain to patient but the cruelest torment to the closest person. Life is impermanent, but I clearly know that only living well can bring better life to my wife and better education to my children.

LY SEN and his wife

*Surgery, in addition to the appropriate chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating early cancer, but certain patients in late stage of cancer may not be tolerate surgery well as they can be relatively weak. A combination of carefully planned minimally invasive therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can effectively reduce the side effects and discomfort of treatment and may help patient get better efficacy.

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