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International authoritative oncologists share latest cancer-related information and offer detailed interpretation on cancer facts.

Precancerous Lesions
Mar 15, 2020

If the lesions can be treated in time with surgical resection and elimination of inflammation, the precancerous lesions can return to normal. Cancer experts from St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou remind that p

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Understanding Advanced Cancer, Metastatic Cancer, and Bone Metastasis
Dec 30, 2019

Before, expert at St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has given a detailed explanation of cancer staging. In this article, expert will help patient get a full understanding of Advanced Cancer, Metastatic Cancer,

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Explanation of Cancer Staging
Nov 25, 2019

Cancer staging is critical for doctor to measure appropriate treatment for cancer patients and predict patient’s prognosis. Prof. Dai Wenyan, who has specialized in minimally invasive therapy for all kinds of cancer, gi

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Interpretation on Tumor Markers
Nov 01, 2019

Tumor marker is an important factor that often used to help detect the presence of cancer. However, many cancer patients and their families fail to understand due to its strong professionalism. Prof. Li Xiaoshi, an author

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