The Tour of Bangladeshi press delegation
Interviewing Boai group

  • On September 22, 2012, a Bangladeshi press delegation including members of several well-known Bangladeshi media such as NTV, The Daily Ittefaq, Prthom-Alo.Com, Channel I, Banglanews24, Naya, Diganta, etc interviewed Boai Medical Management and Investment Group, China, accompanied by staff of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. This interview covered the issues on the culture, characteristics of Boai medical group, its status in China and even the whole Southeast Asia and its future prospect...
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    Day1: Sep.21

    Arrived at Guangzhou→Received by hospital leadership→Visited the hospital→Observed the video introducing anticancer technologies→ntercommunication with experts—interviewed the president of the hospital→enjoyed Mid-autumn evening party

    Day2: Sep.22

    Experienced medical services (physical check)→watched the live tumor minimally invasive operation→ interviewed Bangladesh patients—visited Boai Group

    Day3: Sep.23

    Experienced service item of the hospital (medical tourism)

    Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
    trip of Bangladesh reporter group

    President Wang Huaizhong, vice president Lin Shaohua, Chen Bing and chief of oncology department Dr. Peng Xiaochi met them and expressed the warm welcome to this delegation. By the accompany of vice president Chen Bing and interpreter, Bangladesh media delegation took a look around of outpatient reception center, inpatient wards, each clinical departments, ward facilities and other service facilities, and had a very intuitive understanding of overall environment and function of Modern Cancer Hospital. After that, the Bangladeshi media delegation watched a series of videos about the minimally invasive therapy of modern oncology, got the answers relevant to cancer treatment and technology from Dr. Peng, and expressed their admiration to the minimally invasive therapy of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. In addition....
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  • Joint photos of the Reporter Group and leadership

  • The Reporter Group accepted the presents

  • The Reporter Group looked around for sight-seeing the overall environment

  • What would happen when in the temperature of 165℃?

    U On 10:00 am. Sep. 22, 2012, a cancer treatment named cryotherapy was performed in the operation room on 9th floor of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. The whole procedure was simultaneously broadcasted through video transmission equipment in the meeting room on the same floor....
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  • A designated blasting of tumor

    If iodine seed implantation or to say “particle implantation” is compared to a precisely planning and prepared fixed-point “blasting”, it plays the same significant effect as "mines" in the treatment process--destroying massive tumor tissues in a certain time. By the opportunity of the Bangladeshi....
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  • Adde: my anticancer nuclear weapon 'particles knife'

    Adde, the Bangladesh lymphoma patient suffering from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma for three years, has changed treatments for several times and made the body increasingly weak. In 2012....
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