Cancer Diets

How Rational Diets Help Lung Cancer Patients in Late Stage?

the diets for lung cancer patients in late stage are very important. Family and patient should take the diets according to individual condition and doctor’s suggestions to ensure the positive development of disease.

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What Kind of Foods Are Suitable for Lung Cancer Patients after Chemotherapy?

after chemotherapy, the diets of lung cancer patients should be in light favor, meanwhile, the patients shall also have more meals a day but less food at each and the foods shall be easily digested and cooperated with natural therapy to enhance the body

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A Proper Diet Helps to the Rehabilitation of Lung Cancer Patients

Lung cancer patients should have a suitable diet care, so as to achieve an ideal effect for rehabilitation, while different diet plan should be made according to the patient’s individual condition and symptoms.

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Can Liver Cancer Patients Have Mushrooms and Soybean Milk?

Liver cancer patients can intake more mushrooms and soybean milk which contributes to fighting against cancer, however, not every liver cancer patient is suitable to drink soybean milk. A diet plan should be given according to the patient's individual

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Do you Know Mango Can Prevent Lung Cancer?

In ancient people travelling across the sea will take along some mangoes to relieve the seasickness.

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