Cancer Diets

Keep an Easy Mind Helps Breast Cancer Patients Recover

To ensure an easy mind of breast cancer patients can be a premise for patients to prevent breast cancer from recurring, while it also is the key to promote patients to recover early.

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Nursing Care of Lung Cancer

Good nursing care of lung cancer can get double therapeutic effects with half the effort.

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Nursing Intervention Before Cancer Treatment Can Improve the Efficacy

good nursing interventions before and after treatment, not only can help patients remove psychological burden, but also enhance the therapeutic effect.

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Family members’ emotion plays a vital role in patient’s condition

the positive emotion of family members can affect patient to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude which is conducive to treatment. So far, cancer is a significant cause for death, so it’s extremely torturous thing that suffer from cancer, whether to pa

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Home Care for Prostate Cancer Patients

To treat prostate cancer effectively, patients should not only correctly understand the disease, establish confidence for fighting against it, but also actively cooperate with doctor’s treatments and home cares to help rehabilitation.

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