Cancer Diets

Diet Care for Lymphoma Patients

The lymphatic system is an important defense system of the body. It can help the body resist the harmful foreign objects such as viruses and bacteria. It is often called the human body guard. Therefore, the diet conditioning for lymphoma patients is p

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Diet Therapy for Cervical Cancer

Diet therapy in traditional Chinese medicine varies according to specific stages of cervical cancer. Nutritious diets suitable for cervical cancer patients are listed in this article on the basis of characteristics of this disease.

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What to eat after interventional treatment for liver cancer?

Liver cancer patients should be careful with their diet, especially after interventional treatment, when they should eat more soft food and eat less at a time but more times. To strengthen their immunity, they should eat more foods high in protein, bu

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How to Care Advanced Stage Liver Cancer Patients?

Medicines are very essential to the treatments of liver cancer, but a good nursing can also help patients to reduce pain, strengthen the treatment effects and improve the quality of life.

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Postoperative Diet Tips for Patient with Lung cancer

Patient with lung cancer should take proper diet nursing after surgery, as it plays an important role in postoperative rehabilitation.

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