Cancer Diets

How to Arrange Diet for Cancer Patient?

cancer patient should pay attention to diet allocation for supplement of various nutrition thus improve body immunity and assist the treatment effect.

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Leukemia patients can enjoy food too

leukemia patients should be careful with diet. However, with proper dietary plan, leukemia patients can have awesome diet too.

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Not Everyone Is Suitable to Drink Soybean Milk for Cancer Prevention

Soybean milk is an anti-cancer food in people's understanding, while excessive drinking of soybean milk will bring us some adverse effects.

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Dietary care for laryngeal cancer patients

laryngeal cancer patients should pay attention to supplement of nutrient, which is helpful in recovering from surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Proper diet can improve patients’ resistibility and immunity, especially in treatment procedure.

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Dietary nursing for esophageal cancer patients before or after surgery

diet before and after surgery is very important for esophageal cancer patients. They not only need to supplement nutrient before surgery to strengthen their physiques, but also should pay attention to the diet after surgery to ensure the supply of nutrient for

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