Cancer Diets

Take Proper Nursing to Liver Cancer Patients for Preparation for Interventional Therap

proper nursing is needed before interventional therapy, which can improve the treatment effect.

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Taking Appropriate Diet to Improve the Condition of Gastric Cancer Patient

it’s important to choose appropriative foods to improve gastric cancer patient’s condition, as not all the foods in daily life are suitable to them.

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Laryngeal Cancer Patients Should Be Strict to Diet after Surgery

scientific diet is very important for patients’ rehabilitation, for it can not only provide nutrient support to patients, but also improve their immunity. What food is good for patients’ rehabilitation and what should be avoided? Below is a detailed introdu

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Attention to the Diet after Prostate Cancer Surgery

After surgery, patient’s body always becomes weak and can be easily attacked by bacteria. Therefore, patients should pay attention to nursing care after surgery. Now, let us have a study on the diet cautions after prostate cancer surgery.

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Dietary Principle for Ovarian Cancer Patients

apart from actively cooperating with treatment, ovarian cancer patients should also properly adjust their diet, so as to get a better treatment effect.

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