Cancer Diets

How to Take Diets for Postoperative Gastric Cancer Patients?

after gastric resection, balanced diets allow patients to maintain the former weight and improve the immunity; meanwhile, it can also prevent the occurrence of vitamin deficiency or other related diseases and restore the body.

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Diverse Foods help you to Fight against Cancer

diverse foods can not only provide the nutrition to people but also effectively help people to prevent and fight against cancer.

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The Relationship Between Diet and Cancer

The incidence of cancer is growing day by day, and studies have shown that this is related to the changes of people 's eating habits. If we combine food reasonably, it can help to prevent and fight against cancer effectively.

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Cancer Patients, Be Cautious about Your Medication

Cancer patients not only have to take medicine on time to ensure the medicine effect, but also should know the medicine they are taking well.

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Nursing intervention helps brain cancer patients relieve their painfulness

to relieve brain cancer patient’s painfulness, treatment is indispensable, so is nursing intervention

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