Cancer Diets

Proper Diet Can Promote the Effect of Liver Cancer Treatment

since liver is an important organ of human, proper diet nursing can improve the treatment effect for liver cancer patients.

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Diet Care for Postoperative Gallbladder Cancer Patients

gallbladder cancer patients should keep a good diet habits after operation. Since correct dietary regimen can ensure nutrition supply to body to improve physical condition and immunity.

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The Misunderstandings on Food

Cancer patients sometimes would care too much about their diets that they cannot get enough nutrition. And then their immunity decreases and consequently complications occur too. What should be a correct cancer diet?

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What diet is good for liver cancer patients?

Patients with advanced liver cancer should appropriately eat some food that is good for the liver and pay attention to dietary tips, so as to gain rehabilitation.

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Preoperative Diet Tips for Patients with Breast Cancer

before operation, patients with breast cancer should eat food rich in protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates, because these foods are conducive to the smoothly undergoing of operation and lay a good foundation for postoperative recovery.

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