Cancer Diets

Diet, the First Step to Prevent Lung Cancer

For prevention of lung cancer, besides getting rid of smoking, usually it also needs to pay more attention to the maintenance of lungs.

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Brief introduction of health preserving recipe for lung cancer patients

As it is well known that it is an everlasting war to fight against cancer.

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What kinds of food are helpful for breast cancer patient’s rehabilitation?

diet is very important for breast cancer patients, for proper diet can help them gain early rehabilitation.

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Proper Diets Are Beneficial for Colon Cancer Prevention

Data shows that about 40% of cancer patients are caused by improper diets, including colon cancer.

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How to Take Diets to Easily Conditioning Postoperative Colon Cancer Symptoms?

The surgery is still the main treatment for colon cancer, and most of postoperative patients would have anemia and weak physical quality, even accompanied by symptoms of gastrointestinal dysfunction.

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