Breast Cancer Radiotherapy

Minimally invasive treatment technology is so advanced and it imposes good effect for breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors among woman, which accounts for 25%-30%, and its morbidity is gradually increasing by years. It is very important to choose proper treatment methods because different methods play different therapeutic effects. Radiotherapy is one of the traditional therapies for breast cancer. Simply speaking, it applies X-rays in high energy to treat tumor. Radiotherapy is one of the traditional three therapies for breast cancer, so it has been playing a very important role in treating breast cancer for quite a long time. While with the improving life quality, people have increasing demands in life quality and treatment process, at the same time, the side effects caused by radiotherapy to people become more and more obvious.

Side effects of radiotherapy for breast cancer treatment

Radiotherapy can cause different degree of side effects to different breast cancer patients; the degree of symptoms reaction may vary as per different persons, sometimes it may get worse or milder.

The most common side effects caused by radiotherapy for breast cancer are: dry skin or itchy or chap or blistering, easy exhaust, and digestive system reaction, like vomiting, stomach pain, paraesthesia, poor appetite.

Other side effects for breast cancer radiotherapy, for example if conduct brain tumor radiotherapy, then axillary trichomadesis may be cuased; if radiotherapy for head, then dry mouth, tinnitus would emerge; if radiotherapy for pleura or lung, then these side effects like dry cough without sputum, itchy pharynx would emerge. Once the above mentioned symptoms emerge during radiotherapy, most of them would disappear; some patients may get alleviated after proper treatment or life regulation. But if side effects become especially serious, then radiotherapy shall be stopped. For example, reaction on digestive tract shall be alleviated after diet regulation. Good diet habits after radiotherapy can relieve certain side effects. Diets rich in nutrition and variety can stimulate and improve the appetite. If the reaction on digestive tract gets worse, radiotherapy shall be stopped.

Good therapeutic effect of minimally invasive treatment for breast cancer

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou owns many kinds of international advanced local minimally invasive targeted treatment technologies, like Ar-He knife, particle knife, photodynamic technology, radiofrequency ablation knife, bio-immunotherapy, endogenic magnetic field thermatology, local artery interventional embolotherapy. These can impose good therapeutic effects for middle or advanced tumor patients. For example, modern Ar-He knife designed by U.S. aerospace, can minimally invade into the skin and freeze the cancer cells to temperature -160℃ or below in a few seconds, and won’t cause any harm to other normal cells. Radiofrequency ablation technology is also another method to puncture skin and enter tumor, then it puts heat source producer inside the tumor to locally “burn” cancer cells to death. While, modern endogenic magnetic field thermatology- “heat cancer cells to death”, it applies endogenic magnetic field theratology system and is under the control of computer to heat cancer cells without any damage to normal cells, so it is internationally recognized as “green therapy”. As for photodynamic technology, its photoactive reaction works on tumor cells to destroy main foci and occult cancer foci, so it has relatively thorough therapeutic effect. Bio-immunotherapy can enhance patient’s immunity and inhibit recurrence of cancer.

Only choose proper treatment therapy, better therapeutic effect can be achieved. If there is any discomfort, go to hospital for examination timely, because right time plays so important role for controlling the condition. Hope every friend own a healthy body!


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