cryotherapy of breast cancer

With improving life quality in modern time, the morbidity of breast cancer is also increasing by years, while we have also made relatively big breakthrough in overcoming difficulties of cancer field, and there are many new therapies in treating breast cancer. Experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou point out that currently treatment of breast cancer no longer has the sole method-- surgery, but the Ar-He knife –cryotherapy launched in medical has already obtained good therapeutic effects.

The new therapy for breast cancer- Ar-He knife

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has adopted international advanced technology- U.S. Ar-He knife cryotherapy to treat breast cancer. Ar-He knife is a kind of highly sophisticated treatment instrument approved by U.S. FDA to accurately kill targeted cancer cells. Argon hastily expanses on top of the knife and can freeze the tissue of lesion to -120~-165℃ into icy ball in 60 seconds; Helium hastily expanses on top of the knife and can defreeze the icy ball and heat it quickly. Such cold- heat reverse therapy can especially destroy the lesion tissue thoroughly and also regulate tumor antigen so as to activate anti-tumor immune reaction and achieve the purpose of treating breast cancer.

Ar-He knife treating breast cancer can solve the most difficult issue: tumor cell metastasis and recurrence. This has brought hope of health for tumor patients. Ar-He knife features accurate location, precise ablation, smaller trauma, fewer side effect, little pain, exact therapeutic effect, wide indications, etc. Comparing with other traditional surgery, Ar-He knife has greatly reduced the risk of surgery and complication; comparing with micro-wave, radio-frequency and minimally invasive therapies, Ar-He knife can monitor the treatment process and effect without the limitation of anesthesia condition; comparing with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Ar-He knife doesn’t need to worry tumor issue insensitive to chemotherapy drugs and won’t be confined with the limitation of maximum dosage of chemotherapy.

One treatment, two methods, three therapeutic effects

Medical breakthrough of Ar-He knife lies on its unique accelerated Argon cooling and Helium heating system. Argon can freeze tumor tissue into icy ball until the death of tumor cells; meanwhile it won’t cause damage to normal tissue. After freezing, hastily heat the tumor to certain temperature and then carry out second freezing. Such kind of freezing reverse treatment process can thoroughly destroy lesion tissue and cause anhydration and rupture to cancer cells, or damage small blood vessel of tumor and make it oxygen deficiency to kill tumor cells ultimately.  

After cool ablation, in-situ dead tumor tissue can regulate tumor antigen and activate anti-tumor immune reaction. Frozen cancer cells are more sensitive to chemotherapy as well as to radiotherapy, so that enhance the effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This forms one treatment, two methods, and three high therapeutic effects.

At present, the new therapy-- Ar-He knife technology applied by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has already successful treated many cases of breast cancer. This has contributed our hospital’s huge improvement and won the trustfulness of many patients.


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