Gene Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer

The therapy for breast cancer is combined therapy of surgery, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy and radiotherapy, which have obtained stable and reliable curative effect through long-term medical practice. However, these methods will damage normal cells while inhibiting or killing breast cancer cells, which cannot satisfy breast cancer patients’ higher requirements. Therefore, people have been thinking how to treat cancer cells more accurately? How to decrease damage of normal cells?

Gene targeted technology

With continuous development of medical science, professional persons have deeply studied and discussed the reason of malignant tumor so that the principle of oncogene becomes clear gradually. In view that top bio-technology of oncogene is applied by medical clinic constantly, gene targeted therapy is gradually emerged as firenew treatment method. Breast Cancer Professors of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou point out that the so-called gene targeted therapy is to aim at the defined cancer site (this site can be a protein molecular inside of tumor cell, or be a gene fragment) upon cell molecular level to make out relevant treatment medicine. The medicine will specially choose cancer site to make affection after it comes into the body to make tumor cells specially die.

Identify the target before shooting bullets

Upon traditional methods for breast cancer treatment, surgery is traumatogenic, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are toxic treatment. The normal cells cannot survive while killing cancer cells so that patients suffer from physical pain greatly. By contrast, gene targeted therapy for breast cancer aims at relevant cancer genes or products of occurrence or development of breast cancer. Targeted treatment medicine controls the change of cell genes by obstructing sign transduction of tumor cells or relevant cells to inhibit or kill tumor cells, because there are many key “panel points” during the growth of cancer cells, like some enzymes, proteins and receptors, and so on. Only capturing these panel points to hit during the growth of cancer cells can reach purpose of obstructing growth of cancer cells. The targeted treatment will not damage other normal tissues of body only the goal is captured and patients will get less pain and complications.

In recent years, the gene targeted therapy for breast cancer in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou has obtained emphatic development and experts say that the technology of gene targeted therapy for beast cancer will become main direction of breast cancer therapy for the future.


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