Interventional Therapy for Breast Cancer

As a malignant tumor with high incidence, breast cancer is one of the health killers threatening women. Most patients would worry and daze in choosing related treatments. Surgery is a traditional treatment but too painful to stand. Interventional therapy is a new treatment but too new to known to all. Let’s have specialist from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou to introduce the advantages of interventional therapy for breast cancer.

Remarkable cure effect of interventional therapy

Interventional therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that can apply to many diseases. It features small trauma, fast recovery, and remarkable cure effect. Being different from surgery, it removes or destroys tumor through percutaneous puncture or interstitial ablation. Puncture can be performed under the guidance of medical imaging device, such as CT, with only a 1-2mm incision. Then medicine or treatment instruments would be delivered inside body to treat lesions through subtile guide wire and ducts and so on. Currently interventional therapy is widely applied in tumor diagnosis and treatment.

By arterial perfusion to inject some tumor medicine to reach the aim of killing cancer cells, interventional therapy in breast cancer can locally improve medicine concentration on tumor without hurting tissues around. Compared to chemotherapy, the toxic side effect of arterial perfusion would be smaller, which means the harm to body is less. Interventional therapy can get the tumor smaller that if combines with surgery, it can help to reduce the area needed to cut while the success rate of surgery also improves. This brings breast cancer patients in middle and late stages a new hope in treatment.

Advantages of interventional therapy for breast cancer

1.Small trauma on skin, beautiful appearance. Only an incision in few millimeters can achieve the therapy without surgery.

2.It lowers the risk of anesthesia. Local anesthesia is enough for most patients in therapy instead of general anesthesia.

3. Small traumas and fast recovery.

4. It affects normal organs little. Interventional therapy can concentrate the medicine locally in tumor to the limit, which can reduce the harm and side effects to body and other organs.

From this it is obvious that interventional therapy is a better choice for breast cancer patients. Besides safety, reliability and little pain only, it won’t lead to serious complications. Thus more and more hospitals apply this method to treat breast cancer.

The keys of interventional therapy

There are three keys of interventional therapy. Make sure the chemical medicine and embolus can be precisely injected to tumor is the first point, which requests the minimally invasive doctor to have skilled puncture technology to finish puncture accurately at one time. Second, the doctor should be very familiar about vascular anatomy so as to find the tumor vessels exactly. Besides, steady imaging base. None of these three points can ever be absent. With these three keys, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou ensures patients the success of interventional therapy.

Breast cancer patients should choose the treatments base on individual condition and under the professional suggestions from doctors to fight the disease.


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