2012 Philippines Health journey——iloilo station


The 2012 Philippines Cancer Health Forum was started in Iloilo August 29th, 2012. Prof Peng Xiaochi, from the oncology center of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and Manager He Langbing from the Manila Office of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou was invited as the main participants to the forum.

  The Philippines government has attaching great importance to this cancer health forum, which has provided an exchange platform for oncology experts from the medical circle. By this platforms, the Philippines government also hopes to introduce and innovate new anti-cancer technologies to solve the main cancer problems that the Filipinos are facing currently. The forum has made new contributions to improve the health quality of the Filipinos significantly.

  Iloilo is one of the most beautiful port cities in the Philippines, and the 2012 Cancer Health Forum was held in the city's Smallvile21 Hotel. This forum has invited the mayor of Iloilo, the Secretary for health and over a hundred of physicians from the Philippines authoritative medical community to participate in the medical research. Also, some famous local television media and hundreds of cancer patients were sincerely invited to the scene for interactions.

  Cancer health lecture given by Prof Peng, a cancer treatment specialist and the director of the oncology department of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, has draw great attention from the local doctors, public and media. This cancer health medical lecture was mainly introducing the 12 leading international anticancer technologies of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. In order to make the local people understand the technologies better, Director Peng explained all the complex medical and science & technology terms in a vivid language. The people present in the forum expressed great admiration to Director Peng’s introduction on the minimally invasive interventional therapy, targeted therapy, photon knife and other cancer treatment technologies. In addition, stories of some Philippines patients who has been treated successfully in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou was also told by Director Peng on the forum. The stories and the advanced therapies greatly inspired the present patients’ confidence in fighting against cancer.

Peng Xiaochi, the Philippines,

Peng Xiaochi, on the cancer health lecture site

  On the health forum site, the Iloilo mayor Jed Patrick Mabillog and Iloilo health secretary also had a cordial conversation with Director Peng Xiaochi. They thanked him for bringing a very brilliant and valuable lecture for this forum, and what he shared has provided the Philippines a very good medical treatment model reference.

Peng Xiaochi, the Philippines,

A joint photo of the Iloilo mayor Jed Patrick Mabillog (The first on the right), Peng Xiaochi (in the middle) and Manager He Langbing (The first on the right)

Peng Xiaochi, the Philippines,

A joint photo of the Iloilo health secretary(middle), Prof Peng Xiaochi(right) and Manager He Langbing(left)

  After the lecture, Director Peng Xiaochi, Manager He Langbing and the famous local doctor, Dr. Halago were interviewed by the “talking point” column production group, CABLE-STAR ILOILODD TV Station together August 30th. During the interview, Prof Peng Xiaochi not only had a further explanation on the cancer medical technologies, but also expressed his gratitude to the Filipino’s warm hospitality on his trip to Iloilo. This short Philippines tour is filled with love and care. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou’s spirit “medical love without borders” has also made China and Philippines’s relationship and friendship one step closer.

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