For A Warm Christmas Eve: Share Your Love and Courage with Us

——Best gift for Christmas

“God, please bless him/her with a heathy body.”

You must have prayed for thousands of times if the one you love once suffered from cancer.

Among all Christmas gifts, nothing can make you delighted other than his/her smiling in front you.

In the coming Christmas, we have no idea how many people in the world will lose their smile because of cancer problems. We just hope and believe that sincere wishes, devout prays and encouraging embrace will bring them warmth on Christmas.

It’s not difficult to help those who are fighting against cancer to have a beautiful Christmas Eve. Thanks a million for sharing your wonderful moments once or now with us and tell us your feelings at that moment. We are so looking forward to your voice, for all people who have had a rough passage,especially those who have had firsthand cancer experiences.

How To Join Us

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1. Upload a photo

A photo which is real and once touched you. The suggested photo size is within 1M.

2. Write down a text

To describe the story behind this photo or talk about your feelings at this moment or just deliver your blessings.

3. Leave your email address to us

Both your or your friends’ email address are OK. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou will send Christmas card to you or send blessings to your friends instead of you.

4. Share or reprint this page to your personal walls to let more people see it.

Our feedback

1、We will extract 10 users who join us and send a delicate memorial gift to each of them.

The list will be posted on our Facebook Page after the activity.

2、You will probably be invited to be a publicizing ambassador for our public benefit activities in Southeast Asia.

(Kindly Note: Please attention that as your photo being uploaded, it will probably be used in public benefit activities for cancer by the official website of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. )


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