Interventional therapy of lung

Lung cancer is the most common primary malignant tumor of lung. The vast majority of lung cancers originate in bronchial epithelium, so are called bronchial lung cancer. For nearly 50 years, morbidity and mortality of lung cancer is rapidly increasing, while among the death of cancers, lung cancer ranks the most. With the development of medical technology, interventional therapy of lung cancer has brought patients new evangel.

What IS Interventional therapy

Interventional therapy applies radiodiagnosis equipments, technologies and methods to puncture specially made duct or transfixion pin into the human body, and further carries out various kinds of treatment. There are 3 interventional therapies of lung cancer interventional therapy having been currently applied for tumor treatment: arterially perfusing anticancer drugs, arterial embolism, transcatheter decompression and drainage.

Lung cancer interventional therapy treats primary lung cancer, especially the lung cancer located in the central part of lung, whose blood supply comes from bronchial artery, so if anticancer drugs are injected through this artery, then the drug concentration on tumor area shall be increased and the therapeutic effect would correspondingly be improved. Each 1 time increase in local concentration, the quantity of cancer cells to be killed shall be increased by 10 times. During the treatment of middle or advanced lung cancer, the anticancer drugs injected through duct perfusion, can not only work on tumor but also metastasis foci in hilus pulmonis, mediastinum. What’s more, the amount of drugs to be used becomes less with fewer discomforts.

Benefits of lung cancer interventional therapy:

Don’t need to undergo surgery to expose foci. Usually incision of several millimeters is enough for completing treatment so the superficial injury is small and won’t affect appearance.

The vast majority of patients just need local anesthesia not general anesthesia, so that reduce the risk of anesthesia.

Fewer damage, quick recovery, satisfactory effect, small influence on normal trachea.

For the primary malignant tumor with big treatment difficulty, interventional therapy shall confine the drugs on lesion as much as possible so that reduce the side effects imposed to the body and other organs.

Indications of lung cancer interventional therapy:

Middle or advanced lung cancer patients who have lost the chance for surgery;

Lung cancer patients who cannot bear surgery operation;

For these lung cancer patients whose surgeries face much difficulties, and they have to conduct interventional therapy before surgery to shrink the tumor and then carry out surgery so that reduce the difficulties and improve therapeutic effect (it is equivalent to neoadjuvant chemotherapy prior to surgery;

These lung cancer patients, who cough blood, shall apply both perfusion and embolism to achieve the double function of killing tumor as well as stopping bleeding;

These patients who cannot bear systemic vein chemotherapy, especially old-aged lung cancer patients;

These patients, who can bear systemic vein chemotherapy, can choose interventional chemotherapy within blood vessels and supplementary dose vein chemotherapy to enhance lose therapeutic effect and guarantee systemic dose.

Central lung cancer with rich artery blood supply as well as huge peripheral lung cancer shall receive better therapeutic effect.

Experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou warn that interventional therapy within the blood vessel for lung cancer features many advantages like minimally invasive, fewer side effects and quick and strong therapeutic effects, therefore, these lung cancer patients who cannot receive surgeries shall reasonably arrange treatments.


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