World Cancer Day theme:Do You Really Know Cancer ? ——Know Your Enemy to Defeat Them


  Last February 4th, 2000 was the 1st World Cancer Day launched by the world’s anti-cancer organization, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). For 13 years, scientists and volunteers appealed on people around the world to increase cancer awareness and encourage cancer patients to persevere in fighting against cancer. We commence to stay away from cancer, and let cancer patients live with pride and have a high quality of life.

  This February 4, 2013 the theme of World Cancer Day would be “Do you really know  cancer ? Art of War saying: Know thy self, know thy enemy to be ever victorious. This topic will enlighten you about cancer, then to be able defeat it!

  Do you know that cancer is the leading cause of death in human ?

World Cancer Day 2013

  WHO survey shows that in 2008, 7.6 Million people died of cancer worldwide accountable for 13% of all deaths. Especially in developing countries, the number of new cancer cases reaches up to 56%. It is speculated in 2020, incidence of cancer will increase by 50% globally, thus estimate of 10 Million cancer patients will be added yearly. If we don’t do anything about it, from 2005 to 2015 period, 84 Million people will die from cancer.

  Let’s take a look at the prevalence types of cancer. Lung Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Colon Cancer, Hepatocellular Cancer and Breast Cancer accounts for most death each year. Lung Cancer (1.3 Million), Gastric Cancer (803,000), Colon Cancer (639,000), Hepatocellular Cancer (610,000) and Breast Cancer (519,000)

  Different type of people is susceptible to different type of cancer.

  3 Major Cancer for Female:

  Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Ovarian Cancer

  3 Major Cancer for Male:

  Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer

  3 Major Cancer for Elderly:

  Gastric Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Colon Cancer

  3 Major Cancer for Children:

  Leukemia, Brain Cancer, Malignant Lymphoma

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  Do you know how cancer is formed and its carcinogenic factors?

World Cancer Day 2013

  One of the characteristic of cancer is simultaneous growth of abnormal cells. These cells grow beyond usual boundary that can invade the adjacent tissues and spread to the other organs, called “metastasis”. Since cancer cells growth and proliferation are uncontrollable, metastasis happens that can affect any organ in human body thus making it major cause of death.

  From pre-cancerous to malignant cancer or from normal cells to cancer cells is a multistage process. This changes process depends on individual’s genes and other external factors.

  External Factors Includes:

  Carcinogenic factor: ultraviolet radiation, radiation

  Chemicals: asbestos, cigarettes, tobacco, aflatoxin, alcohol and arsenic (drinking water contaminant)

  Infections: Hepatitis B virus (Liver Cancer), Human Papilloma Virus (Cervical Cancer), Helicobacter Pylori (Gastric Cancer),

  Parasites: Schistosomiasis and bladder cancer.

  Do you know the signs of cancer?

World Cancer Day 2013

  Cancer has long subclinical period, often hard to be detected. If your body tends to undergo the following changes under a long period of time, excluding the circumstances that you are intaking medicine or undergoing physiological changes, then you have to be alert and proceed to hospital and undergo examination to rule out cancer.

  1. If a lump appeared on any part of the body especially in the area of neck, breast, right rib, clavicle.

  2. Persistent headache, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tinnitus and deafness

  3. Breast asymmetry, changes in size, nipple discharge, skin erosion. Wary of Breast Cancer

  4. Hemoptysis. Wary of Lung Cancer

  5. Dysphagia and retrosternal pain. Wary of Esophageal Cancer

  6. Bloated upper abdomen, Stool black in color like tar. Wary of Gastric Cancer

  7. Blood in the stool. Wary of Colon Cancer

  8. Irregular menstrual period, bleeding after menopause. Wary of Endometrial Cancer

  9. Sudden weight loss, bloated, backache. Wary of Pancreatic Cancer

  10. Lower abdomen swelling, dull pain, pelvic and/or abdominal pain. Wary of Ovarian Cancer

  11. Hematuria, low back pain, abdominal mass. Wary of Kidney Cancer

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  Do you know that these bad habits can provoke cancer?

World Cancer Day 2013

  1. Smoking cigarettes/tobacco or passive smoking

  2. Meat consumers, doesn’t eat fruits and vegetables

  3. Sedentary lifestyle

  4. Excessive alcohol consumption

  5. Inappropriate sexual intercourse

  6. Major depressive disorder

  7. Lack of sleep or staying up all night

  8. Holding back urine and defecation

  Do you know that more than 30% of cancer can be prevented. Stay away from it!

World Cancer Day 2013     World Cancer Day 2013

  Research shows that one third of cancer deaths can be avoided by human intervention and preventive measures in 3 ways which includes: 1. Healthy living, 2. Medicine or Drugs Intervention 3. Physical examination and prevention

  ● Prevention begins with healthy lifestyle modification

  1. Keep fit. (Don’t overweight)

  2. Exercise for 30 minutes daily (bicycling, stair climbing, running)

  3. Drink green tea: tea contains anti-oxidant with anti-cancer effect

  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables contains cellulose that can reduce intestinal carcinogenic factor

  5. Resist fat intake: Eat less pork, beef and mutton

  6. Stop smoking and alcohol consumption: major risk factor of cancer

  7. Occupational hazards: reduce exposure to sunlight, radiation and toxic chemicals

  ●Drug Intervention, Vaccination

  Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine: This can help prevent certain cancers like cervical, vaginal and anal cancer.

  Hepatitis B virus vaccination: can help reduce the risk of liver cancer

  ●Screening Examination

  Cancer screening is used before any noticeable symptoms appear. These examinations include the following: Mammography for breast cancer, Papsmear cytology for cervical cancer, Tumor markers for hepatocellular cancer, adenocarcinoma, nasopharyngeal cancer.

World Cancer Day 2013

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     Do you know that having cancer doesn’t mean dying. You can still defeat it!

World Cancer Day 2013

  Though you or your love ones may be quite unfortunate to be diagnosed with cancer, you must believe that believe that having cancer doesn’t mean dying and it is not your destiny.

  Most of the cancer is curable through treatment. Based from the statistics of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, patients underwent treatment here shows: 5 years survival rate up to 90% after treatment for early stage of cancer; 5 years survival rate up to 40% after treatment for late stage of cancer. If people could follow the preventive measures mentioned above plus early detection, then treatment outcome will be more conclusive. Scientists have been doing studies and research in exploring more cancer treatment aside from surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and alternative medical means. Comprehensive treatments for cancer has begun internationally such as Interventional Therapy, Targeted Therapy, Argon-Helium Cryotherapy, Iodine Seed Implantation, and Bio-natural therapy. As mentioned above, Guangzhou Modern Cancer Hospital in China was one of the first hospitals executed the clinical use of these anti-cancer technologies.


  Know your enemy—Cancer; know your own body mechanism and lifestyle; familiarize yourself with the new cancer treatment techniques; Know yourself know your enemy to be ever victorious. But of course, cheerfulness, optimism, confidence, and great perseverance are essential.

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